This is the Original Jumping Pillow site now used to give a factual account of the differences between the variety of like products on the world market today.

The Vastly Improved 'Kangaroo Jumper' is the shining light however ALL products are sound and will be a healthy addition to your playground!.

What is the Jumping Pillow?
It is the name of a product which evolved from the original invention that came out of Denmark. The name 'Jumping Pillow' is today both a product name and a generic term used to describe many different 'Jumping Pillow' type products across the world. As an example in the USA there are 5 Jumping Pillow type products to choose from - all are interpretations of the original and all are different in one way or another.
What Changed?
The Jumping Pillow was redesigned in 2013 to to become the 'Kangaroo Jumper' to better suit the outdoor playground market. Upgrades included a much more UV resistant material to enhance life expectancy, the inclusion of a ‘Sand Depth Indicator’ to allow ground staff to easily monitor sand depth and a complete upgrade of screen-printed signage that proved to be conducive to Insurance Company requirements.
Since then!
Many more features have been added to the Kangaroo Jumper as have competitors entering the market. Most have failed and closed up and some remain. The Kangaroo Jumper has also pioneered the development of the Indoor Jumper and the 'No Sand' Outdoor Pillow as well. Another major product breakthrough for the 'Kangaroo Jumper' is set for 2020 and will be released (as soon as we're all back to work!). The major product breakthrough will be announced simultaneously through each of the Independent Kangaroo Jumper Suppliers worldwide.
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